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While keeping clients individuality in mind, I will ensure the highest level of professionalism, integrity and experience...

Ensuring each and every home buying and selling experience is successful.

Not only does each client have his or her own personality but so does each transaction.  I have the insight to adapt to the different nuances of both, ensuring that each transaction stays on track & obstacles are met head on. My dedication, knowledge and determination help to keep the stress and anxiety to a minimum while maximizing the excitement, enthusiasm and success of each experience. 

I am committed to being knowledgeable in my field and continue to stay abreast of the ever changing Real Estate market in the Portland, Or area, as well as those markets that may affect the success of your home purchase or sale. I surround myself with an experienced team of professionals to ensure that each and every transaction is successful from start to finish. 
I am committed to excellence and to providing professional, result-driven service whether you are a first timer or have experience under your Real Estate belt. My dedication to the highest ethical standards is the foundation from which I continually build both my personal and business relationships; so you can feel confident that I will have that same integrity while assisting you in buying or selling your home.


Expect Guidance, Integrity & Results when buying or selling a home.

I am focused on providing you with the best results and service in the industry.  I listen carefully to understand your real estate goals and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you.  Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, I have the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals.

As is often said, real estate is about location, location, location. I have extensive knowledge of the Portland, OR area and can help you find the right home for you or the right buyer for your home.



"I was referred to Tracy by a co-worker and it was absolutely the best recommendation I've ever gotten.  Both my husband and I have worked with multiple real estate agents and Tracy has them all beat without any doubt.
Tracy was available to us whenever we needed her.  She made it easy for us to look at houses by being available in the evenings and weekends.  Which doesn't seem like too much of a stretch for a real estate agent, but we were toting around a toddler when we were looking so it wasn't always easy when we needed to schedule around nap times and not to mention getting him in and out of the car at each house.  This didn't faze her one bit, and did I mention my son LOVED her.
Along with putting up with us looking at probably 30+ houses all the way from Milwaukie to Beaverton, she managed to sell our house in record time for what we felt was a very fair price, and more than I actually expected to get in this market.
If you need an real estate agent and want someone who is fun, knowledgeable and flexible Tracy is your agent hands down.  She knows about the entire Portland Metro market and didn't hesitate to tell us what she thought of the properties we were looking at, good or bad, which we truly appreciated.  We ended up buying a bank owned home and Tracy was the perfect agent to have in this situation because she was well informed of what documents were needed for this type of transaction.  She kept us informed and stayed in constant communication with the selling agent so we always knew where we stood.
It took us 4 months to find our perfect home, but the wait was worth it.  She found us a house we love in a neighborhood that we adore.  We don't plan on moving soon, but if and when we do the first person I call will be Tracy Brophy." 5/5
-Stacy L., 2014

"I'm writing this as I'm waiting to meet Tracy Brophy to pick up the keys to our new house. Our close date isn't for two more days but thanks to Tracy's hard work and dedication we are able to get our keys two days early at no additional cost to us.
The only way to describe Tracy is that she is absolutely amazing. We truly feel that we couldn't have picked a better real estate broker than her. She always made us feel like million dollar clients even with our tight budget. She was amazingly flexible with our work schedules. My partner and I didn't have any days off together when we were actively looking so it was always late night appointments several times a week.  She was happily out with us in the freezing cold and she didn't complain one bit when I wanted to go back and take one more look at something. She took the time to listen to us, to get to know us, and really helped us find the perfect house for us. We really feel like she was advocating for us and had our best interest in mind, especially when it came to an offer that we had on a short sale. She is a wealth of knowledge and it is evident that she is the best in her field.
My only word of warning is if you're following her you better stick close because she is a fast driver! But she is really good about pulling over once she notices that she's lost you." 5/5
- Kimber P., 2012

"When it came time to sell my place, of course I chose Tracy. Selling a place is significantly more complex (and more work for the agent) than buying.
Tracy marketed the place vigorously, with signs, direct mail, ads, web posts and professional photography. She also scheduled a designer to stage the place after I'd moved out my furniture. Fortunately, we got an offer within 10 days, so we didn't need it.
I'd already relocated 300 miles away when the buyers asked for a list of expensive repairs, including installing a new furnace and fixing a plumbing leak that I didn't discover until moving day, Tracy stepped in as my onsite general contractor. She scheduled the repairmen, handled all the paperwork and stopped by daily to empty the bucket from the leaking pipe.
This level of service goes way beyond even the best real estate agent I've worked with. If I could hire her to help me buy a place in Southern Oregon it would be worth covering the travel expenses. :-)" 5/5
- Lemonleen C., 2014

"Hoo, it's  nice to post an authentically enthusiastic review.
I've worked with five real estate agents over the years, ranging from awful to pretty good. Tracy is by far the best. She's persistent without being pushy, and she's a genuine advocate for her clients. I've had agents try to pressure me into a mortgage that was too expensive, or rush me into making an offer before I was ready. (Don't even get me started on my last agent. Let's just say she scared me.)
Tracy is the opposite. She's warm, conscientious, super organized and so good at follow-through that I never had to remind her of a single thing. She steered me away from properties that were wrong for me, even though they would have given her a higher commission. 
In fact, if it weren't for her, I never would have gotten my dream condo in the southwest hills. It was over my budget so I hadn't even planned on looking at it. Tracy used to work at a bank and knew that they would be willing to negotiate the price, so she suggested we go by anyway. I fell in love with it, made an offer -- actually, three offers -- and the bank rejected all of them. I walked away disappointed and started looking at places farther out.
Over the next three weeks, Tracy kept in touch with the bank rep and eventually convinced them to accept my last offer -- about $30,000 under their asking price, and within my budget.
Throughout escrow, she and her assistant Ashley Beemer (an awesome Tracy-in-training) sent me weekly status updates, set me up with a contractor for remodeling, and Tracy even provided a home warranty policy free of charge.
So if you're looking for a top-notch buyer's agent (she's probably just as good a seller's agent, but I didn't work with her in that capacity), HIRE HER.
Oh, and a shout-out to Aaron Nawrocki at Mortgage Advocates. Someone recommended him and I'm glad they did. He's kind of like Tracy, only a guy." 5/5
- Anonymous, 2009


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Tracy Brophy
Tracy Brophy
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